how to win a teenage girl’s heart..?

Well, being a girl i am sharing you some secrets of girl for which they usually fell in love with boys. Here i am giving you a bunch of tips which helps boys to trick their girl friends.classmates, neighborliness.So read it and test it on your girl friend. Give your feedback after trying these tips.

  1. Be confident; Girls love it when boys have confidence. To act confident, you have to believe in yourself.
  2. Be funny; Girls likes funny guys(true in my case too). make her laugh,but don’t  say disgusting things.

  3. Be smiling; It makes you look better than you without smile.
  4. Flirt!;yeah i am saying right.most girls like flirting but they wont accept(me too) this. do flirt but don’t over do it.
  5. Be trustworthy; This is the main thing to remember  in case of most of the girls.
  6. Be romantic. Girls almost always fall for romantic guys.(not me)
  7. Help her; yeah if u help in her bad situation ,u can take it as advantage for your proposal.(not always)
  8. Give compliments; yeah! don’t ever miss this tip.All they need is compliment about their beauty,smile,voice etc.but be sincere
  9. Always care her; u shouldn’t do over acting here.
  10. Finally; u should really love her.if you are playing for just time pass,then u will definitely paid off.

    uff ! These are the tips to tackle a girl who already a friend to you.These tips doesn’t have any scientific proof(who cares).After reading this if u feel to say anything ,post comments without any hesitation.


9 thoughts on “how to win a teenage girl’s heart..?

    1. padamnidhi Post author

      hey every one has a reference but writing styles matter .Ilearnt some tips from internet and some are my own. you may verify its originality by goggling.Thank you

  1. shyam

    One more thing nidhi

    Bcoz every one know these
    but very rear ones know to how to implement these
    Im the one ready to know how to have a approch to these issues yar 😉
    plz suggest the ways


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