Top Love SMS for Girlfriend/ Boyfriend

Love is a wonderful feeling that should be expressed as otherwise you may end up losing the person you love.

Let your girlfriend/boyfriend know how much you love her as it’ll keep the spark of love alive between the two of you.

Love is something that is often hard to express even though you may speak a lot.So here the list of some good love sms.

  • I just close my eyes because I might see your face. I just close my mouth because I might hear your voice. I just close my ears because I might hear of you, but I could not close my heart because I love you.
  • Shortest word is I.
    Sweetest word is LOVE.
    Cutest person is U.
  • I had a heart n that is true,
    But now it has gone from me to you.
    So care for it just like I do,
    Because I have no heart n U have two
  • When you feel alone, just look at the spaces between your fingers. Remember that in those spaces, there will soon be my fingers, locked with yours 4ever!!!

  • If I know what love is, it is because of you.

  • If I could describe you in one word, I would call you my life.

  • If you see a shooting star, close your eyes and make a wish. It worked for me; I wish it works for you!

  • Loving you is like breathing. I can’t stop and it’s necessary for my survival.

It doesn’t matter if you are thousands of miles away from your lover. Distance can never be the reason for not sending a love message to your partner.


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