10 most frequently asked interview questions

Here are the 10 questions you’re most likely to be asked in a job interview:if you can answer these questions, using real-life examples to illustrate your points, then you should be able to answer most of the questions that arise including the following frequently asked questions.

1. Tell me about yourself. (This question or something similar usually starts every interview)

2. What interests you about this opening? (Or why do you want to work for us?)

3. What do you know about our company so far?(U should know about them before going)

4.What are your weaknesses?(Choose a weakness that: Doesn’t matter for the job)

5.What are your key skills/strengths?(Focus on what you know they are looking for)

6.Why did you leave your last job?(Your answer should be positive and upbeat even if the circumstances were difficult.)

7.Why do you want this job?(Your answer should reinforce why you are such a good fit for the job)

8Tell me about an achievement of which you are proud?(Choose work-related examples that shows a tangible benefit to the business. )

9.What are your salary expectations?(Salary negotiations are best handled at the job offer stage so try to avoid this at interview if you can)

10. What questions do you have for me?(dont say “nothing sir”)

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