Afghan Independence Day

  • Afghan Independence Day is celebrated in Afghanistan on 19 August to commemorate the Treaty of Rawalpindi in 1919
  • Afghanistan has long being inflicted with terrorist attacks, insurgency and even prone to natural calamities which has terribly affected the social and cultural growth of the country.
  • Often described as a landlocked country, Afghanistan is situated in midst of Central and Southern Asia.
  • The significance of Independence Day in Afghanistan lies in the fact that the day embodies the rich historical and cultural aspect of the country.
  • The Afghan people have been widely known for their love of poetry and classic art and painting
  • Capital:Kabul, population 1,780,000 (2000 UN estimate)
  • Afghanistan’s official languages are Dari and Pashto, both of which are Indo-European languages in the Iranian sub-family.


British and other ISAF troops face a determined enemy in the Taliban. The insurgents consist mainly of Afghans, though numbers of Arab and Uzbek fighters are also be involved. Groups of fighters are usually organised along local and tribal lines and led by a senior, experienced commander.Here we compare a British soldier with his Taliban counterpart.

British soldier and Taliban fighter

British soldier

Main weapons: Standard issue SA-80 rifle, L1A1 12.7 mm Heavy Machine gun, 81mm Mortar
Strengths: Highly-trained, well-supported professional soldier with modern equipment. Air support available
Weaknesses: May struggle to adapt to fighting in the harsh Afghan environment. Lacks intimate knowledge of local landscape, may face hostility and distrust from civilians
Taliban fighter

Main weapons: Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifle, Rocket-Propelled Grenades.
Strengths: Tenacious, well-supplied guerrilla force highly adapted to local climate and geography. Can blend in with local population when required.
Weaknesses: Vulnerable to air attack. Few heavy weapons. Factional nature can mean shifting loyalties. Poor weapons-handling skills.
National Anthem of Afghanistan

Daa watan Afghanistan do
Daa ezzat de har afghan diHazara Girl
kor de soli kor de tori
har bachi ye qahraman di
daa watan di tolo kor di
de balocho, de uzbako
de pashtoon aw hazarwoo
de turkmano de tajeko
worsara arab, gojar di
pamirian, noristanian
barahawi di, qizilbash di
ham aimaq, pashaiyean
daa hiwad ba til zaligi
laka limar pa eshna aasman
pa sina ki de asia
laka zera wi jawidan
noom de haq mo di rahbar
wayoo Allah o Akbar, wayoo Allah o Akba

National Heroes of Afghanistan


1.Mohammed Zahir Shah

2.Sardar Mohammed Daoud

3.Hamid Karzai

Afghan wallapers for facebook posts

Digital Afghanistan Flag

Afghanistan, wallpaper desktop

Afghanistan, wallpaper desktop

Photo: Mortar system, Afghanistan

Happy indepedence to afghan people!!

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