Ultoo Multisending sms, Earn Faster [Ultoo Multisending Tricks]

Have You Heard Of This New Website Called Ultoo  which Provide Credits For Sending Sms And Registering By Referrals..


If not ,read the post Send FreeSMS, Earn Money, Recharge Mobile – Ultoo.in before proceding!

  • All u know that website doesnt provide group sending option,so its difficult to earn faster.so i am posting this article for those who wants to earn more in less time.
update:Get Free reacharge and cash from pickzup(more money than ultoo)


    • You Can Call It A Kind Of Ultoo Hack But It’s Not Hack. It’s A trick send Sms From Ultoo Via mobile Easily.


Its Working Great With

1)MultiSending Upto 15 Numbers To Multisend Seperate Numbers By , Like Put In To Box


2)Shows Your Balance Details After Every Use

Still If You Find Any Error Do Comment Here And Will Improve It.


If u r using IE please install Google Chrome OR Mozilla Firefox,

Open Any Browser,Download iMacros Add-on For Your Browser:

For Google Chrome (Visit here).

For Mozilla FireFox (Visit here).

After Adding Add-on,Do Steps As Below,I Will Show On Chrome Browser But Logic Will Be Same For Firefox As Well!

1.Now Open Website Ultoo.in ,Login On Your Account!

2.Click On iMacros Application Icon & Open It!

For Google Chrome,It Will Present At Top Right Corner!

For FireFox,It Will Present At Top Left Corner!

3.Small Window Will Open,Now Click On Record From iMacros Application Window.

4.From Homepage Of Your Loged In Ultoo.in ,Enter Any Mobile Number (Except Your One,),Any Message And Click On Send!

5.At That Time,When You Get Notification On Next Webpage “SMS Sent Successfully”,Click On Stop From iMacros Application Window!

6.Save Recorded Movements With Any Name!

7.Select Recorded Movement And change the value of 3 to the Number Which Will Repeat SMS Sending Process With That Many Times.

example; If You Want To Earn 1 Rs. Then Write 50 In That Box,Application Will Process Your Recorded Movement 5o Times And You Will Get 2*50=1 Rs.,But There Is One Advantage That Not All Msgs Will Receive On That Number You Are Going To Send!

8.Done,Now See Hows You Earnings Are Increasing!

Note:- Daily Messages Limit Is 50!This Trick may not for someone who is unlucky.


Using multi sender trick

Recently sms.unfamous site working Fine for multisending sms.

How to use Sms.Unfamous.In ?? 

  • Yeah,Its very easy to use ultoo multisender just open the Sms.Unfamous.IN
  • Click on Send SMS Via Free SMS Site at the right corner
  • It will open the window as shown in below screenshot
  • As show in screenshot you have to Enter Ultoo username and password
  • Add mobile numbers by separating comma “,”
  • Select Ultoo server from the list
  • Write your sms,You can also find sms from the this site and copy paste it here
  • And last click on “send msg”

Enjoy !!!


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