10 Spectacular Waterfalls Around the World

A waterfall is a place where flowing water rapidly drops in elevation as it flows over a steep region or a cliff.

Waterfalls are considered to be one of the most beautiful phenomena in nature.

Some waterfalls are used to generate hydro-electric power.

The earth surface cracks open and millions of gallons of water tumble down in gargantuan motion: waterfalls are the creation of Mother Nature, designed to enhance our surroundings.

1. Iguazu Falls (Argentina/Brazil)

The Iguazu Falls is not only the number one waterfalls on most people’s lists, but also one of the most beautiful natural attractions the world has to offer. .

The falls stretch across the border of the Brazilian State of Paraná .

The name “Iguazu” comes from the Guarani or Tupi words, meaning “big water”.

Iguazu Falls

2.  Yosemite Falls (USA)

When most people think of California, they think of the celebrities and the Hollywood sign, beaches full of beautiful people and the LA Lakers.

But California is also home to several national parks and Yosemite is one of the most popular parks of all.


3. Gullfoss (Iceland)

One of the most popular waterfalls in Iceland (out of the thousands it has),.

Gullfoss is a great day out if from the capital city of Reykjavik

From certain angles the Hvítá River appears to just fall off the edge of a cliff which makes this waterfall immensely spectacular.

4. Angel Falls (Venezuela)

They don’t get any higher than this. With a height of 979 metres, Angel falls is the highest waterfall in the world.

The waterfall was named after Jimmie Angel, a US aviator who was the first to fly over the falls in a plane


5. Niagara Falls (Canada)

Niagara Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls in the world.

If you were to ask anyone to name a waterfall, it would be of the first on most people’s lips.

If you are planning on visiting this waterfall I would highly recommend the maid of the mist boat trip which takes you right into the horseshoe of Niagara Falls.

From here you will be able to enjoy all of its beauty and
witness just how loud Niagara roars.

Niagara Falls

6. Plitvice Waterfalls (Croatia)

These gorgeous looking waterfalls and lakes are somewhat a hidden secret in Croatia.

The massive Plitvice Lakes National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Plitvice Waterfalls


7. Victoria Falls (Zambia / Zimbabwe)

It takes a moment to catch your breath after witnessing the Victoria Falls in all its glory.

Known as Mosi-oa-Tunya, ‘the Cloud that Thunders’, in local Tonga dialect, this monster of a waterfall sprawls across two countries, spreading across the border that divides Zambia and Zimbabwe.

8. Jog Falls (India)

The Jog Falls in India are unlike any other waterfalls in the world.

Its appearance large differs depending on which season you visit.

During the monsoon season, you will experience Jog Falls at its loudest and proudest when it thunders down in a single drop.

Located in Sagar, in the Karnataka state of Western India, this 253m-high waterfalls itself is a reason worth venturing to this part of the country.

Jog Falls


9. Ouzoud Falls (Morocco)

Waterfalls in Morocco don’t get any better than the Ouzoud Falls.

Surrounded by olive trees, the setting of Ouzoud Falls is poetic, further enhanced by the soothing sounds of the gushing water.


Ouzoud Falls


10. Havasu Falls (USA)

To experience the paradise that is Havasu Falls you have to earn it, as it’s located in a remote canyon in Grand Canyon National Park, in the state of Arizona.

With no easy way of visiting this natural wonder, you need a good pair of walking boots but it is worth every minute of it as the colours are quite breathtaking.

The mineralized water plunge down from a height of 120 feet into pools of aqua blue water.

Havasu Falls
Did I miss out any waterfall? Which is your favorite?
(put it in comments box)

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