Trusted ways to Earn Money Online

 As we all know – Internet these days can be bread earner. many people use need-age methods to make money online. these methods don’t require us to go to an office daily, instead we can work from home. 

But wait there isn’t much difference between making money online or offline as money needs to earned by making efforts and taking some risks.

Here I would share a few trusted methods which are known to make money.

These are not like scam/survey sites which never pay! maybe it would take a while longer for you to earn your first payout but surely you will earn a lot in longer term. 

  • Advertising networks like Adsense:

    It is the most popular method till date by which thousand of people make money.Adsense and others work on principle of Cost-per-click(CPC) which means whenever a visitor clicks on ads appearing on your page, you get paid on per click basis.the more clicks your site generate they more money you earn.there is no limit on how much you can earn.

    For your encouragement, there are people pulling$10,000USD(about 5lakh in Indian rupees) a day, so sky is the limit. how much you earn depends on two factors. First, you should have original and unique content.(This really matters)

    Second, traffic – more you get merrier it is.But remember traffic highly depends on content, so always try to produce original & unique content.   is If you have a blog or website which generates decent traffic Adsense should be best option for you. if you don’t have your own website/blog(like me) don’t feel bad  – Read on….

  • Domaining

    Domaining is the business of buying, selling, developing and monetizing Internet domain names. In simply language you look for  strong commercial keywords domains and develop them into websites for purpose of making money.!

    Best thing you about this method is you don’t need have to invest lots of money – one could start small. domain registration rates are start $8USD(Rs.450) depending upon on extension.

    One thing most people do is confuse Cyber squatting with Domaining. Both are completely different; the main differences are: Domaininers always avoid Trademarks and develop sites whereas cyber squatters simply register Trademark/copyrighted names with no intention of development.

  • Affiliate marketing

    Affiliate Marketing is another term for Cost Per Action(CPA) Advertising. This is a form of advertising where the advertiser pays based on specified actions taken by the end user. Some examples would be filling out a form after clicking on the ad or purchasing a product after clicking on the ad.

     Read more:How to Earn Money From Clixsense-Most Trusted and easiest way
                              How to earn from neobux , TIPS & TRICKS
  • Market your Product/Services


    If you don’t like selling someone else products, you can sell your own. So, what could you sell? Answer: Anything that can be marketed. Some examples

    • Sell your Skills – Yes, you don’t need to learn anything new, you can earn by doing what you already know, like if your English if good, then write articles as freelancer or if you know some coding or web-designing then start taking various  projects.
    • E-commerce stores:-If you are already have a business and then sell your existing products online. you can setup a setup own store or use Marketplaces like EBay,Alibaba or India mart.
    • Online Business of Digital Goods: you could also start your business of selling digital goods and services like domain name registration, reseller web hosting etc. The main advantages of selling digital goods is that you don’t hassles of shipping in case of E-commerce stores.

These were some trusted ways – according to me which surely work and earn you lot cash, provided you take smart decisions.

If there any method I might have missed or any method you think should not be on “Trusted List”. Please Say?

Feel free to comment!


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