Top 10 extensions for better and faster browsing in Google chrome

google chromeGoogle Chrome has much to recommend it as a browser

Chrome extensions are the answer here, as they replicate or replace the functionality found in typical browser plug-ins. Below we list the top 10 Chrome extensions to get you started.

Chrome without suitable extensions is like IE.. If u accidently clicked,then u have to wait until it loads to close it.

I recommend these popular extension for faster and better browsing.

Now, onto the top 10 Google Chrome extensions you’ll actually want and need:

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1. AdBlock 

  • Some claim that ad blocking is killing the free Web, others say that ad blockers are simply killing bad advertisers.
  •  Its an equivalent of Greasemonkey for Chrome 
  • It strips out most ads from the majority of websites, making for a cleaner, faster (and, thanks to blocked autoplaying video ads, quieter) browsing experience.
  • Its had killed many bloggers income

2. Send from Gmail 

  • This Chrome extension will direct every e-mail link on a website to a Gmail window, rather than firing up MS Outlook.

3. Google Mail Checker 

  • The Google Mail Checker Chrome extension keeps a running tally of your unread Gmail messages next to the Chrome address bar, and clicking the extension icon will open a Gmail tab.

4. IE Tab

  • Some sites are optimized to run exclusively in Internet Explorer, especially Microsoft products like Outlook Web Access.
  • Access it with these extension

5. Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer 

  • If Chrome has one glaring weakness, it’s that it doesn’t always handle PDF links very well.
  • The Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer Chrome extension sends any PDF or PowerPoint Web link to Google Docs, where the document can be read, surfed, printed or saved quickly and easily.

6. FastestChrome 

  • FireFox users will call this Chrome extension FastestFox for Chrome, which is appropriate, since the two plug-ins share the same creator.
  • The FastestChrome extension enhances Web searches. Highlight any word on a page to get a definition of the term, or launch a search for the text.

7. Stop Autoplay for YouTube 

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via CrunchBase

  •  It stops autoplay but still pre-buffers the video.
  • For those of you with slow connections, no longer must you suffer through stuttering YouTube playback while you wait for the entire video to load. Simply wait for the progress bar to fill up, then hit play; your video will be waiting for you.

8. Feedly 

  •  If you have bookmarked RSS feeds from Google Reader, Twitter, Delicious, YouTube or Amazon, the Feedly Chrome extension is your new best friend. 

9. GooglePreview 

  • It adds a thumbnail to the left of any Google search result showing a snapshot of the listed website.

10. Session Manager 

  • Sometimes bookmarks aren’t enough. Sometimes you need to save a web page exactly as it is, with your account logged in and certain online work already in progress.
  • The Session Manager Chrome extension is there for you in these situations. 

These Chrome extensions will get you to more efficient, effective Web browsing, but they’re just the beginning.

Bear in mind that each additional Chrome extension expands Chrome’s memory footprint.So dont install too many


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