10 things you are doing it wrong about SBI and IBPS PO and Clerical preparation

There are certain things in life where knowing don’ts  is important as much as knowing do’s. The preparation for SBI and IBPS is one of those things. I will skip introduction about these Examinations because who doesn’t know about these exams which are not only difficult but also highly competitive exam in Indian banking? So without saying any extra crap lets talk about 10 things which are not meant to do while preparing SBI/IBPSexam.

1.There is no short cut for everything!

Well you may wonder that why the hell this guy is giving tip which is exactly opposite to the one which we were all thought till ur recent fart. Yes because this crazy exam(at least according  to me) is completely based on basic concepts of math and always revolve around it.So there may be hundreds of thousands of kinds of problem in the TIME and Work Concept alone . Learning the core concept of this section and cracking questions based on it is very good idea comparatively to other good ideas.If u can remember those hundreds of thousand of shortcuts for all kinds of problem  then u r one hell of a eistien’s ass and India needs your talent.

2.Follow No one and no one’s method

Follow our methods you will become an SBI Po in 60 days “ read somewhere in a BLAw Career  bLAW Banking and TIME  Blaw coaching centre .Its noting wrong learning from them but following them is.what I am trying to tell is follow your mind and heart. Cause at the end only it help. Develop your own method your own notes your own shortcut your cheat code(legally) and your own reading time and everything

When I was reading I used to read reverse fashion for example : instead of reading nations and their currency I used read currency and then nations using respective.Rupeee is used by INDIA Bangladesh pakistan Nepal srilanka.Now uhave got enough ide I guess

3. Everything is not free an- spend and get more.

Money may not buy everything but definitely gonna buy u some useful material .Take mock test online for some price seriously it helps . Buy things, if u think it’s useful if u buy it Nobody gonna shoot ur ass if u try it and leave

4. Never depend on ready Guides 

Yes !no book is complete and they said it themselves .just mere buying a book never pass you

5.You Never get last 10 year papers

Don’t waste time by searching, even if you get some are fake and only little u may get.Thats because they never let u take paper after write exams.

6.Never get tense

Whether it’s an exam hall or your preparation room never get tense.if it is not this time definitely next time .

7.Never read everything

ya! you don’t have to be Sherlock holmes to go deep and deduce the problem.Prepare what is important .when its come to time management there are two kinds one you keep during exams and other where schedule during preparation.For example Reading comprehension in english section for skipping .so never touch any questions related to it.

8.Never believe in “never Give up”

NOTE : I am not talking about giving exam up.
It’s about the topic which u r not understanding and u r trying like anything all u get is a worked sheets.suppose u r not understanding TIME and WORK which is as imp as your balls and not u r not getting it.GIVE up and MOVE ON. AND you don’t care about other’s profit and fucking interest he earned then GIVE UP fucking SI and CI

9.Never expect much

Think u r giving ur best and give ur best. I heard Biharis have more chances here in these exams cause they prepare right after their 12th which is why u should not expect much.

10.IT is not about how much u Read it about how you Read It

A big yes,Looking at the cut off  of previous years ,a baby just out of embroyo can say that its all about how much accuratly you can do than how much you did overall.


Reading all these if u think u can add some more points regarding those exams .Then leave a comment in comment section.


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