How to Get free Recharge Using Way2sms-Win mobile recharge

Hi friends, Today morning I recived a  sms from Way2sms saying,Dear user know u can earn money and win recharge .so I am once again here with a new free recharge trick. It works as similar to other website.

Follow the steps below: >

Click the link given below: CLICK HERE

> After clicking the link, you will redirected to a form. Just fill the form and sign up.

> After signing up, login using the password you received on your mobile.

> After logging in, you can change ur password immidetly.

How U can Earn ??

1)share and earn

2)Invite and earn

3)email and earn


Email and Earn

How it works?

1. Go to Email Ads page and you will see different ads matching to your profile. Email and spread these ads to your Gmail or Yahoo mail contacts and you get paid for every Unique visitor you drive to advertisers website.

2. Go to “Email earnings” page to check your recharge earnings. Your Earnings can be converted in to Mobile recharge any time with in minutes.



Share and earn

Spread the following advertisers ads to your facebook, linked In, and twitter friends

You get paid for every unique visitor you drive to advertiser’s website.


  1. You are allowed to share maximum of 2 social ads in a day.
  2. Remember, you are allowed to share only 1 social ad in one shot.
  3. Sharing allowed with 2 hours gap between any 2 ads.


Invite and earn


Program Policies

In order to ensure a good experience for you,your friends and advertisers, you are required to adhere to the following policies

  1. For any reason, do not click on your recommended links. Clicking on your own recommendations is prohibited.
  2. Do not inflate clicks\ leads artificially or manually. We reserve the right to disable you from further participation in the free recharge option.
  3. Do not ask\encourage others to click on your recommended links or use deceptive implementation methods to obtain clicks or leads.
  4. You are allowed to recommend only via social networks listed by us or email accounts listed by us.You are not allowed to position our advertisers promotional content or links any where else in your blog or website.
  5. Do not alter the link and content displayed by our advertisers.
  6. You are not allowed to recommend same ad more than once in a day to your social networks or via emails. Also do not attempt posting manually to your social networks.


Best Practices

  1. Never spam by recommending too many brands\products in a short span of time. Ensure atleast 2 to 3 hours gap between any two recommendations.
  2. Irrelevant recommendations to your friends might drop your earnings.
  3. Recommend only products\brands that gathers interest from your friends. This improves your earnings.
  4. The best way to earn more is by visiting way2sms every day. We display new set of brands or products every day.
  5. Along with ad recommendations, Share informative and general content that you share usually to your friends.

Enjoy Recharging!


2 thoughts on “How to Get free Recharge Using Way2sms-Win mobile recharge

  1. Way2sms

    Sometimes my account does not open. Actually, i do not know how it happens only with me. In such a situation, i’ll open another site such as 160by2, ultoo and smsspark.


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