60 Photos Of Beautiful Mosques Around The World

  • Mosques (or masjids for Arabic) are places of worship for followers of Islam.
  • These places of worship for muslims around the world have existed for more than a millennia.
  • With today’s rapid modernization of the world, we can even see more advanced forms of architectures in the latest masjids. Continue reading

Facebook Timeline Cover photo: 40 Creative and impressive profiles


Just if you didn’t know, Facebook Timeline is the latest feature that was introduced in the recent Facebook Conference, F8. It’s generally a complete overhaul of the profile page with the new ability to view your status updates in a list sorted by time, hence the name.

You ll get ideas for you timeline cover photo.By applying any one of ideas you can impress ur friends for sure.
Happy face booking. Continue reading

10 Most Famous Indian Personalities In History(updated)

  •  A root of “Indians” is Hindu literally meaning “black,” but mainly standing for the Hindu religion.
  • From it has been coined “Hindustan” which is another name for “India”.
  • It is not known exactly if the great River Indus has something to do with the name “India”.
  • By far the most commonly understood meaning of “Indians” is the inhabitants of the subcontinent of India before 1947
  •  The citizens of the State of India after it.
  • It is in this perspective that “Famous Indians of India” in history will be reviewed. Continue reading

65 Slogans Of Notable Companies

A slogan is an advertising tag-line or phrase that advertisers create to visually expresses the importance and benefits of their product. By and large, it’s a theme to a campaign that usually have a genuine role in people’s lives. It has the ability to loan people’s time and attention by putting consumers at the heart of the solution. Fact is, it is so crucial that companies spend billions on advertisements around the world to develop a marketing campaign just to achieve a successful brand awareness. Continue reading

100+ Funny Photos Taken At Unusual Angle [Humour,Funny,Creative,excellent]


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes this ain’t exactly right. Distance overlapping, positions, and timing can sometimes create a brand new perspective of a photo. This weekend, we want to show you 100+ Funny Photos Taken At Unusual Angle, a compilation of photos taken at the exact right timing and angle, thus creating a humor side of the story; intentionally or unintentionally. Continue reading

10 Easy Ways to Increase Your Concentration-works perfect

well! We all need concentration  to do some specific job or work which includes studying.Concentration is much needed in the case of education.

So here is the post to increase your concentration what ever the field of work. Continue reading